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About the Gallery

In March 2011 the gallery was re-established under the directorship of Emanuel Layr. Since then, the gallery program expanded with new artists joining the gallery like Anna-Sophie Berger, Andy Boot, Plamen Dejanoff, Cécile B. Evans, Stano Filko, Gaylen Gerber, Lena Henke, Benjamin Hirte, Lisa Holzer, Niklas Lichti, Birgit Megerle, Lili Reynaud-Dewar and Philipp Timischl. Furthermore the gallery intensified working with existing artists such as Julien Bismuth, Marius Engh, Tillman Kaiser, Mahony and Nick Oberthaler, organising publication projects and important archival work.  The gallery also maintained an ambitious program of solo exhibitions, punctuated by frequent group shows. In Oct 2013 a temporary space in Munich was established. In September 2015 Galerie Emanuel Layr moved into a two story space in Vienna's city that hosts shows in the ground floor and in the first floor. In October 2015, 'Lira', a co-hosted space by Emanuel Layr opened its doors in Rome, Italy which culminated in a Rome dependance, opened in January 2017.

Artist from Galerie Emanuel Layr

Artworks from Galerie Emanuel Layr

Artworks For All Age Groups

Philipp Timischl

Beyond the Land of Minimal Possessions (Monument to Stan Matthey)

Lili Reynaud-Dewar

untitled (comfortable cut #2)

Nick Oberthaler

scattered duties (immobilienscout24)

Matthias Noggler

Fantastic Invasion


What Happened

Niklas Lichti


Lisa Holzer

Not yet titled (Jacket)

Benjamin Hirte

From the series 15 MILIARD YEARSF System SF

Stano Filko

I had a dream I was sleeping (Gloria's window)

Cécile B. Evans

Aloe Succotrina

Marius Engh

The Bronze House (Drawing Coat of Arms)

Plamen Dejanoff

Smart Sculpture (three)

Andy Boot

Agony half-hourly (2)

Anna-Sophie Berger