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About the Gallery

Galleria Tiziana Di Caro opened in 2008 in Salerno, at one end of the Amalfitan Coast, with the aim to promote national and international artists, focusing on the latest generations. Our attention is mainly focused on experimentation and research, encouraging stable and solid artistic practices, paying specific attention to artists who work across the new media. In March 2015 the gallery has moved from Salerno to Napoli, where it has started new collaborations; in addition of implementing the group of artists already represented, with artists such as Maria Adele del Vecchio, Sissi Olivieri and Lina Selander, from now on the gallery is going to work also with historical artists; in particular the gallery search artists who've been underestimate over the years, such as Tomaso Binga, Betty Danon, Shelagh Wakely.

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Artworks from Tiziana Di Caro

Lenin's Lamp Glows in the Peasant's Hut

Lina Selander

34.9247517008, -111.909659395

Maxime Rossi

MOSADEGH Reza Nik was a shoemaker in Hamedan. A few days after the Revolution...

Shadi Harouni

Everything into something else

Giovanni Giaretta

Partitura asemantica

Betty Danon

La castellana

Tomaso Binga