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Fabio Ianniello

Fabio Ianniello


About the Gallery

1/9 unosunove arte contemporanea gallery opened in November 2005 and is located within the grounds of the prestigious historical Palazzo Santacroce. The gallery is committed to representing and promoting both established and emerging international artists working in multiple mediums (painting, photography, sculpture and installation). The gallery consistently exhibits a high standard of contemporary art, organizes offsite projects, contributes artist's works to museums and institutions for exhibitions and educational purposes and participates in art fairs in Italy and abroad.

Artist from 1/9unosunove

Artworks from 1/9unosunove

La cugina, il parente, lo studente, il poliziotto, l'ambulante, il soldato, il rivoluzionario, l'artista, l'intellettuale, il vi

Raffaella Crispino

Sleeping Before the War

Per-Oskar Leu